Communications Skills

Communication Skills Course programme
1 Day Intensive Course:

The ability to communicate effectively is an essential skill for successful business practice. A skilled communicator projects authority, confidence and professionalism, being able to hold an audience, structure a message, and achieve results.

Course Objective
This programme is comprised of practical interactive learning techniques aimed at creating a high level of proficiency in the art of getting the message across.

Course content

  • The importance of effective communication
  • The psychology of successful communication
  • Building confidence / projecting authority
  • Choosing methods of communication
  • Communicating one-to-one
  • Using and interpreting body language
  • Communicating to sell
  • Key skills for delivering a presentation
  • Reaching an audience
  • How to listen and ask questions
  • Telephone techniques
  • Writing business letters, proposals and reports
  • Self-assessment of skills / maintaining progress

Training is conducted by a professional tutor. It involves practical training techniques including role play and video recording of progression for performance analysis.