Assertiveness Training

Assertiveness Training Course programme
1 Day Intense Course:
€550| 2 Day Intense Course: €950
Important: We strongly suggest that all candidates discuss their specific requirements with one of our trainers in advance of booking your programme. Two day training programme allows strategic planning for relationship development, review and future management.

Assertiveness is a valuable personal skill, which is essential for effective communication. An assertive individual has the power to command the respect of others, achieve personal and professional goals and fulfil his or her potential.

Course objective
This course will enable the participant to be more decisive, effective and confident while projecting a positive image in both personal and workplace relationships. Evaluation and judgement are often out of our control and subject to peer perception – which can greatly affect a person’s performance. Steps to assertiveness involve understanding the different styles of communication, identifying the candidate’s communication style, being clear about goals, and transforming weaknesses whilst developing strengths. Performance related tasks can often fail due to worry or insufficient skill.

Course content

  • Introduction – What is assertiveness?
  • Defining your goals – professional and personal
  • Steps to assertive behaviour – building confidence
  • Ways of gaining personal power
  • Identifying your own style of communication – strengths and weaknesses
  • Creating winning scenarios
  • Assertiveness techniques – developing an effective personal strategy
  • Using winning language – communicating with confidence
  • Creating a positive impression
  • Using body language to reinforce your message
  • Dealing with negatives – conflict, criticism, and difficult people
  • Handling interpersonal interaction – meetings, presentations, negotiation
  • Building relationships
  • Evaluating your performance – rating yourself to benefit future performance

Training is conducted by a professional tutor and is a complementary blend of both practical and professional training techniques including video recording of the candidate’s progression for performance analysis.