Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills Course programme
1 Day Intensive, 1 to 1 Course:

The course is ideally suited for those candidates who have found themselves in a position where they must make formal professional presentations, as well as those preparing to speak at a conference or seminar. Candidates may include sales & marketing personnel, management and / or individuals that wish to improve their own interpersonal communication skills.

Unsuccessful presentations can be attributed to many factors including some or all of the following: being nervous, lack of preparation, not understanding the set objective, communicating ineffectively or not taking advantage of the situation in order to achieve your desired objective.

The programme is customised to a one or two day course depending on the client’s individual requirements. The content is designed to address specific issues relevant for the participants.

Course objective
The Presentation Skills programme is aimed at supporting and enhancing the participants’ professional communication skills to enable them to make confident, effective, persuasive and engaging presentations to large or small groups. A professional tutor conducts training. It is a complementary blend of both practical and professional training techniques including video recording of progression for performance analysis.

Course content

  • Introduction – How to relax, control nerves, and cope with peer pressure
  • Preparation – researching your topic, putting your presentation together
  • Setting objectives – planning your presentation
  • Working with words – how to manipulate the English language
  • Applying your skills – cohesive interaction of past experiences
  • Speaking with authority – how to project confidence and create understanding
  • Use of notes and memory aids
  • Body language – non verbal communication
  • Inspiring your audience – engaging and involving audience participation
  • Presentation techniques – maximising effectiveness
  • Managing time & location – the key to success
  • Using visual aids – audience stimulation using Acetates /Power Point/Slides etc
  • Managing questions – how to anticipate and prepare for questions
  • Evaluation – rating your presentation to benefit future performance