Negotiation Skills

Negotiation Skills Course programme
1 Day Intense Course: €550

This course is designed to deliver all you need to know about negotiating effectively – whether as a manager, buyer or sales person. The programme provides intensive training in techniques that will enable you to start from a strong position and confidently take the negotiation process through to closing the deal. Emphasis is on developing the ability to learn first-class negotiating skills that will dramatically improve results.

Course objective
The course will take the participant through the stages of preparing for negotiation, conducting the exchange with skill and confidence, and bringing the process to a mutually acceptable outcome. Suitable for both novices and experienced negotiators alike, it covers the essential techniques on how to devise a strategy, how to make concessions, and how to resolve deadlock or conflict on the road to a successful result.

Course content

  • Defining negotiation – the principles
  • Understanding the rules of negotiation
  • Negotiation styles – different types in organisations
  • Preparing to negotiate – identifying objectives/time/data/logic
  • Assessing the opposition – their strengths, weaknesses, objectives and tactics
  • Understanding body language and judging the mood
  • Separating personal from business issues – exploration of
    a) feelings
    b) intellectual
    c) empowerment
    d) self view observation
  • Selecting a strategy – tactics
  • Using an agenda – focus on aims and objectives
  • Making a proposal – Timing, phrasing, do’s and don’ts
  • Responding to a proposal
  • Handling ploys – counteracting common tactics
  • Ways to strengthen your position
  • Handling breakdown
  • Closing the deal
  • Assessing your ability – maintaining skills

Negotiation training requires a practical learning approach, with ample opportunity to practice the skills involved. A series of instructional sessions will explain and demonstrate effective methods, while video recording of progression allows for ongoing evaluation of development.