Media Training

Media Training Course programme
3 Day Intense Course: €1205

Media Training is an essential ingredient of any PR programme. It is important that clients can deal effectively with and communicate their message to the media. It is also necessary that clients understand the need for personal preparation and knowledge of media deadlines and the impact of such factors can have in getting their story heard.

This programme is designed to provide participants with an understanding of all aspects relating to media interviews, press, radio and TV. Completed over one day, the course involves intense tutoring in media interviews from CGI personnel.

Course content

  • The media explained: national press, provincial press, specialist press, broadcast media (Radio & TV)
  • How it works
  • Deadlines
  • The news release
  • Writing news releases
  • Preparing for interview
  • Preparing the angles
  • Telephone interviews
  • Live radio links
  • TV interviews
  • The importance of image: voice, tone, body language, clothes
  • The interviewer
  • Management and control of interview
  • Working with the researcher
  • Evaluating and improving your performance

This course comprises a series of intensive theoretical lectures and practical workshops including the recording of sessions over 3 days. Training is conducted by fully qualified, professional public relations tutors and practitioners.