Crisis Management

Crisis Management Course programme
2 Day Intense Course: €1080

Every organisation, no matter how smoothly run, needs to be prepared for handling a crisis. Situations occur which are beyond management’s control, but must be dealt with in a way that preserves and enhances a company’s reputation. This course offers the training required to manage the key areas of planning, preparing and implementing a Crisis Management Plan.

Course objective
This programme will ensure that the participant will be fully competent in setting up and carrying out a comprehensive plan for effective management of a crisis.

Course content

  • Identifying potential crises, target audiences and their concerns
  • Preparation in advance – establishing a system
  • Defining the roles – designating key players
  • Content of communication – the message
  • Co-ordinating a central communications plan
  • Procedures for disseminating information
  • Managing internal company communications
  • Speaking to the media – handling print, radio and television journalists
  • Interview techniques
  • The budget for crisis management
  • The effects of a crisis on your business
  • Monitoring and assessing the success of the plan

The course involves intensive tuition in all aspects of crisis management, with professional guidance on the planning and preparation of the programme. Video recording of interviews is used to provide ongoing analysis and evaluation.