Advertising and Media

The Communications Group has had extensive experience operating various advertising medium on behalf of both the Group and for other Clients. We are always interested in pursuing new and innovative mediums and in this regard are willing to discuss any potential medium with a prospective partner. Our combined production facilities substantially reduce costs for all concerned.

The Communication Group’s expert film production company, Lansboro International, contracted with Ryanair, Europe’s largest budget airline, to produce a monthly In-Flight TV programme onboard their aircraft. We were responsible for both the sales & marketing of the medium and production of the monthly programme. Our Clients base included International, European and domestic clientele.

The Communications Group has also managed the advertising contract for Viking Splash Tours. Viking Splash Tours operate 5 renovated amphibian craft and ferry tourists and visitors around Dublin city which includes a plunge into the River Liffey. This medium provides excellent promotion in three key areas: firstly as a complete body wrap; secondly solely at the back or thirdly along the top sides of each vehicle.

Lansboro International produces and broadcasts infomercials on behalf of a wide range of clients including:

  • Champion Sports
  • Bennetton
  • Irish Forestry Services
  • Author Bill Tyson
  • Irish Mortgage Corporation
  • Waltons Music Store
  • NTL Cable television